R12 = Romans 12

More specifically Romans 12:1-2 which if you look real careful it’s all contained in our logo.

What are we about?

Spirit and truth worship, making ourselves living sacrifices by not being squeezed by the world but in truth freeing our minds to please God. This is all in view of that beautiful mercy, of the Trinitarian God (Father, Son and Spirit) which out of love considered us so valuable that the incarnate Son’s blood (of infinite worth) was spent on us. It’s this love that defines love and is greater than anything the world can offer. Therefore we aim to breakout of the box of this groaning world whose ruler longs to entrap us, by being satisfied completely in living God’s will, knowing the character from whom it comes.

These goals fit within a biblically structured framework which is adapted to address the youth and students needs. The youth and students need to receive teaching that goes both broad and deep. We here at R12 have a 4 year plan of teaching plan, to be very helpful for a board outline for youth work. As much as is possible we like our programs to be in a fun and approachable environment. We have been influence also by authors such as Chap Clark, Christian Smith, Ken Moser and Mark Yaconelli.

We aim to be a community that edifies each other, working in and through needs, identifying individually gifts/talents and releasing each into how they can best serve Christ and His body with that particular gifting. To lead each individual to have an active relationship with God, involving private and public worship.  A community that as they visibly grow with individual and corporate spiritual fruit they seeks and actively pursue seeing God’s kingdom everywhere they go.

Be transformed!

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